Real Estate Walk-Through: Should one be scheduled prior to closing?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  Purchasing real estate may be one of your largest investments to date as a buyer.  Before you sit down with your attorney to sign your closing documents, it is essential to perform a final walk-through with your real estate agent, or the seller if being sold by owner.  Ideally, this is done the morning of your scheduled closing.

This is your last opportunity to diligently inspect the property prior to taking ownership.  At that time, you should verify that all repairs, if any, have been completed to your satisfaction; ensure that all appliances, electronics, and/or equipment are in workable order and that no significant changes in condition to the property have occurred since your initial inspection of the property.

Typically, the Purchase & Sale Agreement requires the seller to leave the property broom-clean with all personal property and rubbish removed.  In the event any issues arise from your walk-through, discuss them with your lawyer prior to signing.  Once the closing has been completed, the condition of the property shall be conclusively presumed to be acceptable to you regardless of the condition. Taking these precautions will save you time and money in the very near future.

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